IP (Intellectual Property) Who owns the idea?

Intellectual Property can become an issue when you start working with someone else, then decide to go your own way – for any number of reasons.

Adorian Deck created “OMG Facts” where he tweeted random bits of celebrity gossip and quirky trivia.  In less than a year, he had attracted more than 300,000 followers. This got the attention of Emerson Spartz who approached him about a joint project.

Spartz first caught the media’s attention as the founder of mugglenet.com, one of the world’s most popular Harry Potter fan sites, which he started when he was 12.  Spartz is no slug, he founded his own internet company and runs a number of websites.

Since Spartz  involvement, @OMGFacts grew to nearly 1.9 million followers, making the feed the 126th most followed account out of more than 200 million Twitter users, according to Twitter statistics website twittercounter.com.

After a dispute developed Deck is now taking legal action against Spartz over use of OMG Facts and the website Spartz has developed. The domain is registered in Spartz’s business name not Deck’s.

The problem will be that Deck was a minor when he entered into the agreement with Spartz and the case ‘while Deck lives in New Zealand’ will be heard in America.

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